Privacy Policy

By agreeing to provide and share your personal data within the Safer Group SDN BHD (SAFER) application, it is our responsibility to protect all of our customer information provided.

The following information is provided when:
  • Sign Up for the first time using SAFER application
  • Derived from the information available in the user’s mobile phone

Here are some of the information shared within the SAFER application:
  • Identity Data (information name, date of birth, identification card number)
  • The phone number to call
  • Bank card information for online payment purposes
  • Demographic information (for retrieval and delivery purposes)
  • Car movement during ride-hailing service

The following data will be used for these purposes:
  • Complete the transaction and registration process
  • Make it easy for SAFER to respond to the services provided
  • Complete the application system upgrade
  • Send to all the latest information from SAFER
  • Improve SAFER service quality

Additional information:
To the extent that you agree to share your personal data, we also have the right to obtain confidential, confidential information from other parties / parties as permitted by law. For example, mental and physical health information, the value of commission received or the value of the commission charged by you in the event of any wrong doing for the purposes above or required by law. For example, mental health information and physical, commission value accepted or commission value charged by you if there is any offence for the purpose of as on or which claimed by law.

Safer entitled to deliver your personal data if requested by parties:
  • Government agency / statutory body / authorities
  • Any party that responsible for personal data storage
  • Agent and personal advisor authorized by you
  • Cooperation Company with Safer (within Malaysia or overseas)
We also entitled to reveal your personal data with right purpose and not intend to abuse any parties. On comply government requirement or any agency enforcement involved in Safer Group Sdn Bhd.

Information and data displayed in this policy will change from time to time according to suitability and latest information from company.
You in suggest to check notice that be informed in this policy to are not left behind by any latest policy from Safer.
Latest version can search through website or contact in line 
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