How it works

  • Download Safer Apps Now  Safer User, Safer Driver , Safer Food apps available now in Play store and App store. Dont forget to download!
  • Ready to Have An Excitement Journey?  Its on your fingertips! just a few steps and you are ready to have a pleasent and excitement journey
  • Get to Know Your Driver  Worry no more. Know your driver details and feel safe with SAFER
  • Your Safety Our Priority  Trace your journey from beginning until the end without any worries. Your safety is our priority
  • Rate With Love  At the end of your journey, your rate are meaning so much to our frontliners 

Safe with Safer

Our drivers hold a legal license and are fully trained which means that everytime you take a ride with us you can be assured of 100% security and safety.

Get the App Today




Want to take a ride that you remember for a lifetime? Then, download this unique app today, register on it and enjoy a unique ride of a lifetime. Available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Place a Call & Book a Ride/Place an Order

Worried that you do not have internet or are someone not accustomed to using an app? Don’t be! We will assist you through this. Simply place a call to us and get a ride, food order or parcel order done for you.



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